Turn It Into Art


I recently experienced the “funhouse of style, culture, and art” that is 29 Rooms.

I really enjoyed how interactive this pop-up was. It wasn’t literally 29 rooms, but a large tent with scattered rooms and other open installations. Some rooms had specific messages, while others felt like I had just walked into an ad in a magazine. Attendees got to take part in the installations, for example by becoming a painting, or writing a quote on a public notebook mounted to the wall. I found some rooms more powerful than others: here are a few of my favorites.

Turning ourselves into art.


Keeping the art of storytelling alive; celebrating female authors.


“Portraits of Self-expression”

“Erotic in Bloom”


“Seen and Unseen”


“Portraits of Self Expression”

“Flavor Chambers”


Shining a light on the importance of quality health care.

In collaboration with Women’s March


2017 is already over, but I still have bits of this large confetti glitter floating around in my car, my purse and in my house. I choose to think of it as a lovely continuation of a magical experience. I also see it as an incentive to create some of my own magical experiences. (And share them with you all, of course!!!)

Beret – Forever 21 // Sweater- Vintage // Tank – White House Black Market (old) // Leggings – Lululemon // Belt – Vintage // Mules – ASOS (last season)

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