Three Quarters View


I met a woman a few months back, she was wearing a shirt with the word “wanderlust” across the front. We got to talking, and she told me that me that she was going to visit all 50 states by the time she reached 50 years of age. She was currently 46 and had just 9 more states to go. She started this challenge 3 years ago. I shared that I too want to visit all 50 states, but thought of it more as a life long accomplishment, than a task to finish by a certain age. She had favorite states for different reasons. But if she had to choose one, it would be Wyoming, because of the big open sky. There was something so beautiful about that journey she was taking. I think about her from time to time, wondering how her journey is going, as I continue mine.

I recently went on a road trip to Colorado Springs. We drove from Los Angeles to Zion, Utah, to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to the Grand Canyon, Arizona and back home again.

Zion National Park


I had heard that Zion National Park was beautiful, and I was not disappointed. The red rock was a stand out against the blue sky. The wind carved layers of sediment towered over open valleys. The sides of these giant mountains were a tactile lover’s dream. Small trees and shrubs lined the cliffs with lush green leaves. The gentle waterfalls sprayed just enough melted snow into the air to cool you down temporarily from the 80-something degree weather.

Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods, though not a national park, is beautiful in a human meets nature kind of way. Red rocks come to peaks and unique shapes that compete with the fluidity of the clouds. The paved path makes for easy exploration for all, or you can also go off the path and do a little amateur rock climbing. A great destination for all walks of life.

Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon, though I’d seen it once before, was still stunning.  The combined efforts of the Colorado River, the wind, and millions of years  yield amazing results. The stark contrast between the high points and the deep, deep low points. The layers of rock from rusty red, golden yellow, and purple brown. The shear size both depth and overall was mind-blowing.

Four Corners

Version 2Version 2

Four Corners was a fun destination. It surprisingly is out in the middle of nowhere, which adds to the ambiance. The desert surrounding it, and the official coordinates of the four states engraved in cement are a strange contrast. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’ve never been. Where else can you be four places at once?

This was a fabulous tour, and I’d highly recommend this cluster of states if you’re inclined to a road trip. I can’t wait to visit New Mexico so that my trip to these three out of four corners, or three quarters, can be complete!

What is your favorite road trip memory?


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